Cognitive Behavioral Institute of Albuquerque

Due Process for Early Termination of Clinical or Postdoctoral Fellowship

Noteworthy Unethical, Unsatisfactory, Disruptive or Inappropriate Conduct: Whenever a Postdoctoral or Clinical Fellow’s conduct, with respect to any element of his/her skills, duties or responsibilities, is determined by the Clinical Supervisor to be significantly unsatisfactory, unethical, disruptive or inappropriate, the Clinical Supervisor or Director will meet with the Fellow to discuss the noteworthy conduct and immediate correction. If the Fellow’s conduct does not improve immediately, the Clinical Supervisor or Director will provide a written description of the conduct and warning for immediate correction. If the Fellow’s conduct does not improve immediately following the written warning, the Fellow can be terminated from the Cognitive Behavioral Institute of Albuquerque. The conduct referred to in this section includes behavior that is considered adverse to the general philosophy of Institute, including but not limited to egregious violation of APA or NM ethical standards, sexual harassment, noncompliance with state or federal law, or policies of the Cognitive Behavioral Institute applicable to all staff.

Termination of Appointment: It is important to note that a Postdoctoral or Clinical Fellow can be terminated from the Cognitive Behavioral Institute without prior warning for serious violations of ethical or legal standards of conduct such as prohibited dual relationships, fraud, or endeavoring to practice when impaired. The Director will be solely responsible for making the decision to dismiss a Fellow during an appointment period as a result of such violations. The Director will inform the Fellow of the dismissal and the grounds for dismissal.

Appeal Process: Matters involving early termination that cannot be resolved with the Clinical Supervisor may be appealed by the Fellow and can be discussed in a meeting initiated by the Fellow with the Director, the Research Director, and one other Licensed Psychologist on the Staff of the Institute. Requests for such a meeting must be made in writing and delivered by the Fellow within 15 days of receipt of the relevant performance or conduct notice from the Clinical Supervisor or Director. The Director must take into account the recommendations made during the Appeal meeting; however, the Director remains solely responsible for making and implementing the final decision. Decisions to not reappoint may not be appealed